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A whole concept

The intentions behind the brand

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Une marque multidimensionnelle

Our values

Jewel made in France

In our Workshop by our very small team with always a lot of Love and pride!


Our jewelry is beautiful, but that's not all. For each Amulette, we suggest you load a particular intention to have style with Esprit


Our first jewelry was made of brass. Today, we work with stainless materials and even with 14 and 18 carat gold.

Amulette = 2 prize

For some of our Amulette, we offer two prices depending on the materials you prefer: stainless material or gold


We are not perfect and we do not hide from it!
We make it a point of honor to inform you of the origin of our materials


All our leathers are upcycled and are purchased in Ile de France from a non-profit association specializing in the reuse of materials.


Every day, we seek to reduce our footprint on our beloved planet at a reasonable cost!


The majority of our packaging are created from recycled or compostable materials



Nos valeurs
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The genesis of Amulette

Amulette was born in March 2020 in the form of a podcast. In reality it was more of a therapeutic pathway for her creator to cure years of unconsciousness.

Then ( long story short ) a year and a half later, dozens of limiting beliefs deconstructed, quantities of gear purchased over the years, Amulette finally dares to emerge as a multidimensional brand.

Its essence lies in its deep desire to make this Earth a better world ( Yup! )

A conviction that it is by first transforming ourselves personally that we can inspire, modify and influence those around us, in the Light, always.

Today, offers body adornments and personalized coaching support for Women of the World so that they find their way back.

La genêse
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