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Find out what rumors are circulating about us

Testimonials from real women who have followed one of the Amulette Initiations

What a wealth !

Thank you, Valérie, for your kindness and your ability to point out the important questions to be discussed in order to move forward in the reflection. As a coach it is rewarding to connect with others and benefit from their experience.

As an Afro-descendant, I was delighted to be able to benefit from your professionalism and your expertise. What wealth! #wearestrongtogether

Francesca Mbappe

Simply Magic!

I had the privilege of participating in a free coaching session with Valerie and immediately the discussions started naturally between us.

She was able to put me at ease with her incredible listening skills and empathy. She knew how to use simple words to transmit strong messages which produced in me the famous "click".

If you are also looking for a Coach to help you find your voice and get rid of your limiting beliefs to REPEAL and REVEAL afterwards, I highly recommend her!

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Thank you again Valérie DJOUMESSI

Eva rajemiarison

A real awareness!

Valérie is a very bright person, her smile and her kindness immediately created a climate of trust. Together we were able to identify the points on which I have to do work. This interview was a real awareness! Thank you for everything.

Patricia kanku

A good coach for you!

I thank Valérie for the exchange we had. I came out of it grown and above all I know more about what aspects I must evolve in terms of personal development. She is attentive and attentive and will know how to be a good coach for you.

Laurette Nokam

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